TELLAP bulk bags are designed to increase payload and lower transport costs


TELLAP bags use the space between the sleeves to increase payload by up to ten percent. Increasing payload reduces the number of bags used, container use and freight costs per metric tonne. Operational and logistic efficiency lowers costs potentially increasing your margins.


TELLAP savings include operations and transport, reduction in damage and contamination and no ISPM15 fees or disposal costs.

Easy to Use

Forklift tines enter TELLAP's integrated sleeves and raise the bag. There is no need for a pallet or the top straps to be lifted. Importantly the integrated sleeves make using a TELLAP bag easy and safe.

Safe and Stackable

TELLAP was designed to maximise stability. Where stacking standard bags and pallets have movement issues the TELLAP bag is designed so that product sits on product. Its a solid base and with the integrated sleeves adding balance the bags extremely stable. This stability potentially increases safe stack height and thereby warehouse utilisation.

No Damage

TELLAP is 100% plastic, there are no foreign objects or sharp edges like nails, splinters or mould to damage the bag or contaminate the product. A diaper or extra flap under the bag is offered for products requiring maximum hygiene.


Fully recyclable, ISPM15 compliant with zero packaging waste and a small environmental footprint. TELLAP will benefit not only your business but the global community.

How TELLAP Benefits 

  • Safety, stability and efficiency
  • Lower operational and transport costs
  • Increased payload - up to 10%
  • Payload savings of up to 10% reduces fuel use, emissions, truck movements and container requirements
  • Improved productivity, single operator handling
  • Minimal product damage or contamination from nails, splinters or mould
  • Reduces storage requirement by 60% (pallets take up a lot of room)
  • Reuse or recycle - no landfill or disposal costs

Safety, Savings and Sustainability