What is TELLAP?


TELLAP pallet free bulk bags are safe, stable and sustainable.

TELLAP bags have two integrated sleeves and are raised from the base by a standard forklift. It is the cost effective alternative to a pallet and bulk bag.

Designed to efficiently store and transport dry flowable semi bulk products such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals and food products TELLAP bags increase capacity, payload and productivity while reducing operational and transport costs.


Our products are patented internationally.  Patents are in place to protect distributors and customers ensuring all products purchased are genuine, safe and consistent quality.

Excellent value:

High quality pallet free bulk bags:-

  • Optimize container space
  • Provide operational and logistic savings
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Single operator use
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Safe, stable and robust
  • Fast  simple implementation
  • Fewer injuries
  • Reduced product damage
  • 100% recyclable

TELLAP bag drawing

TELLAP bulk bag

Increased efficiency - lower costs