Easy to use, efficient and sustainable TELLAP has many advantages over a bulk bag & pallet.

Logistic Savings


TELLAP uses the space between the sleeves for product increasing payload by up to 10%. This mean 10% fewer bags, containers and trucks resulting in lower costs per metric tonne of product transported. 


Sleeves weigh 2.3kg; a export wood pallet can weigh 20kg. Replacing 20 pallets in a container with TELLAP can remove up to 350kg dead weight. That's an extra 350kg of your product transported at no additional cost. 

Have you tried the logistic calculator to Check your Transport Savings!



TELLAP’s integrated sleeves hold the bag open for forklift tines. A forklift operator easily handles the bag reducing both time and cost. Only one person is required as there are no pallets to move or top straps to lift.


TELLAP is 100% plastic with no warp, shrinkage or absorption of moisture. Plastic means no damage from nails, splinters or shards resulting in less product loss, fewer cleanups and no machinery jamming issues.


ISPM15 compliant, there is no need for nasty chemical fumigation or heat treatment required for wood pallets.


We tailor the bags to your requirements, the product and mode of transport. Our bag optimisation increases efficiency lowering transport costs per metric tonne.

Administrative Savings

Single order processing – bags and pallets normally come from different suppliers. Your TELLAP distributor provides both bag and sleeves as a single order reducing paperwork and administration costs. The time spent raising orders, processing invoices, paying suppliers and doing stocktake is halved. What does it cost your company to raise an order or pay an invoice?

Deliveries reduced by 60% - one pallet takes the same space as 3 pair of sleeves. A typical truck will deliver 540 pallets or 1620 pair of sleeves. TELLAP sleevesReducing deliveries means fewer trucks to unload, fewer forklift movements, less storage and labor requirements. 

Stability and Storage

Bulk bags on pallets are unstable. Sharp edges, nails or splinters can puncture bags causing leakage and an unsafe workplace.

TELLAP bags have no sharp edges, no nails or splinters to contaminate product or puncture the bag. If one bag bumps another its fabric on fabric. There is no damage, contamination or spillage.  

To improve safety many companies store bags one high. TELLAP's  stability allows multiple stacking reducing storage requirements and lowering costs.

 Occupational Health and Safety

Injuries from pallets are common. Whether a back injury from moving a pallet or laceration from exposed nails or splinters accidents can result in lost time and medical costs. TELLAP is light-weight and 100% plastic there are no nails or splinters.

It's common for workers climb a stack of bags or crawl into a container to lift bulk bag straps for forklift tines, this is extremely dangerous. TELLAP with the bag held open by the sleeves for forklift tines is a single operator product. There is no need to endanger workers.

 Forklift safety

TELLAP bulk bags

TELLAP is raised from the base

Bags hanging from forklift tines can obstruct a drivers vision, potentially dangerous in busy workplaces. The bag straps are under enormous stress, failure of a strap can cause damage and injury. 

Raised from the base TELLAP does not obstruct the drivers vision or have strap failure

Sustainable Savings

Millions of pallets are dumped or sent to landfill each year incurring a disposal cost. TELLAP is 100% plastic, reuse or recycle,

Operational and logistic efficiency creates savings