TELLAP designed and manufactured as an efficient alternative to the bulk bag and wooden pallet.

The TELLAP design has two components:

  1. Proprietary bulk bag (FIBC)
  2. Patented sleeves

The TELLAP bag is essentially a bulk bag with a proprietary base with pockets for two plastic sleeves. The sleeves, which remove the need for a pallet, are integrated into the base of the bag. A forklift's tines enter the sleeves to raise and move the bag. The space between the two sleeves in filled with product increasing the bag volume by up to 10%. Increasing bag volume increases payload reducing both operational and transport. The end result is efficiency and costs savings.

TELLAP baffle bagOur hand picked manufacturers are some of the best FIBC producers globally. Certified and trained to produce high quality TELLAP bags tailored to the size, dimension and configuration you require for your product and the transport used. 

Patented sleeves

TELLAP sleeves are patented globally ensuring you receive the genuine product.  Engineered for maximum to strength weight ratio the robust sleeves made from polypropylene and capable of transporting dynamic weights up to 6 metric tons.

Sleeve manufacture is mechanical to ensure consistent quality. Proprietary forming machines are geographically located to minimize sleeve transport costs to customers. Remotely accessible PLC software allows calibration by our engineers ensuring the machines consistently fabricate high quality sleeves. While each machine contains a sleeves testing rig independent testing is performed by the global testing house TEN-E Packaging Services.

The TELLAP Network

TELLAP is manufactured and sold globally.


Our global network of certified manufacturers provide flexible production and backup facilities ensuring supply security. All manufacturers have vertically integrated production. From extrusion of fabric, to cutting and sewing through to assembly of finished products our manufacturers’ control the quality of each stage resulting in consistent high quality products.


International certifications include: BRC, AIB, HACCP, ISO and the bags passing international FIBC standards. All manufacturers are certified before commercially producing TELLAP products. The certification process includes training, internal audits, quality control procedures and random sampling. All products meet industry and legal requirements. 


Direct and distributor operations combine to form a global network supplying  packaging solutions. All representatives are trained, can assist with both general and technical questions. Whether you require baffle, circular or food grade bags each of our operations can help with bag selection, size and specification ensuring you have the right bag for your needs and your product.

TELLAP bag configurations

TELLAP pallet free bulk bags are available in different sizes and configurations. Let us know your requirements.

Bag options include:

  • Circular - round bag with no seams
  • Baffle - fabric sewn inside the bag maintains square shape
  • Liners
  • Spout, open or duffle top
  • Flat or spout bottom
  • Hygiene bottom flap (additional flap)
  • Fabric - coated (laminated to prevent moisture) or uncoated 
  • Sift proofing - sealed seams (dust proofing)
  • UV protection - all bags
  • Colour printing
  • Minimum of 5:1 SWL

Our trained staff will work with you to ensure TELLAP meets your individual requirements.


Your current bag can become a TELLAP