Frequently asked questions


Short answer: Because removing wood pallets from the logistic chain provides many benefits.

Long Answer: TELLAP directly addresses the fact that heavy wood pallets are causing product damage, contamination and adding unnecessary cost to transportation. Made from polypropylene TELLAP causes no damage while improving transport efficiency, increasing payloads and reducing your costs.

What is Tellap?

TELLAP is a patented pallet free bulk bag. TELLAP is efficient, safe, stable and sustainable. It does not need a pallet as it is based from the base using the integrated sleeves.

What is a bulk bag?

Bulk bags are also called FIBC’s; Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.  They are made of woven polypropylene, designed to carry dry granular semi bulk products and can be tailored to your requirements.

What size bag to I need?

Each product varies so Tellapbags can be customised to your requirements. Call our experienced staff, they will help you calculate the exact size bag needed for your products.

What does TELLAP cost?

TELLAP’s pricing is competitive with a bulk bag and pallet. However TELLAP customers benefit from ongoing operational and transport savings, less damage, increased safety and no disposal cost.

Can the bags be customized?

Yes, TELLAP bags can be tailored to your needs and your product; including spouts, baffles, liners and printing. Call us to discuss your requirements.

How strong is TELLAP?

Short answer: Very strong, robust and safe.

Long answer: TELLAP pallet free bulk bags carry many different types of dry granular products such as resins, powders, food stuffs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. TELLAP bags are tested to international standards and have a minimum safe working load (SWL) of 5:1. That is the bags are rated to carry 5 times the actual weight of the product in the bag.

Can we stack the bags?

Yes TELLAP is very stable and can be safely stacked. So check your local regulations with regard to stack height.

Is TELLAP recyclable?

Yes, made from polypropylene TELLAP is easily recycled or reused. There is no waste or dumping in landfills, unlike the millions of wood pallets discarded each year.

Where do I purchase TELLAP?

TELLAP is available globally from our direct and distributor operations. Check out the Contacts page.


Where is TELLAP located?

We have direct and distributor operations around the globe. 

Head office is in Sydney Australia, our R&D and sales in Durban South Africa. We have distributors in America, UAE, China, Europe, India, South Africa, Vietnam and New Zealand.

Check out the Contacts page.