TELLAP bulk bags are designed to increase efficiency reducing operational and transport costs


TELLAP bags use the space between the sleeves effectively increasing product volume in the bag lowering the transport cost per metric tonne. Increased payload also reduces the number of bags used, forklift movements, the number of trucks or containers required and your freight bill.


Efficiencies create savings through-out your business including: lower operational costs, storage needs, labour costs, bag damage and no pallet disposal cost.

Easy to Use

The TELLAP bag with integrated sleeves is both bag and pallet. No need to lift straps for forklift tines. The sleeves are always ready for forklift tines, just drive in and safely raise the bag. One person, no pallet and no problems.

Safe and Stacking

Stacked bulk bags and pallets have movement issues. TELLAP was designed to maximise stability. The bag is designed so that product sits on product. It's a solid stable base and when combined with the extra balance provided by the sleeves TELLAP is extremely stable. Advantages of extra stability include; safety, product security and the potential increase of stack height and thereby warehouse utilisation.

No Damage

TELLAP is 100% plastic with no foreign objects or sharp edges like nails, splinters or mould to damage the bag or contaminate the product. If one bags bumps another there is no damage as TELLAP has no sharp edges.


Fully recyclable, ISPM15 compliant, zero packaging waste and a small environmental footprint. TELLAP benefits both your business and the community.

How TELLAP Benefits 

  • Safety, stability and efficiency
  • Lower operational and transport costs
  • Increased productivity, fast efficient load and unload
  • Minimal product damage or contamination from nails, splinters or mould
  • Increased safe stack height
  • Reduces storage by 60% (pallets take up a lot of room)
  • Reuse or recycle - no landfill or disposal costs

Efficiency, Safety, Savings and Sustainability