TELLAP increases efficiency and productivity whilst lowering costs.

TELLAP's pallet free bulk bags provide users with a low cost alternative to the bag & pallet. Patented internationally, TELLAP bags are handled by a standard forklift lowering operational and transport costs and removing the need for a pallet.

While wood pallets have many problems use has continued as there was no competitive alternative. This has changed with TELLAP providing a low cost sustainable alternative, the pallet free bulk bag.

A TELLAP bag has two sleeves that replace the pallet. The sleeves integrated into the base of the bag provide access for forklift tines. The space between the sleeves is filled with product increasing bag volume, increasing efficiency and lowering transport costs per metric ton.

Simple to implement, easy to use and efficient TELLAP bags are available globally. Enquire Now

 Benefits at a Glance

No Pallet required

Increased payload

Lower warehouse and transport costs

Excellent bag stability in warehouse and on transport

At 2.3kg sleeves weigh up to 90% less than some pallets - no transporting dead weight

ISPM 15 compliant - no wood, nail or foreign object issues

Reduced damage and contamination

Recyclable - no packaging waste



Safe, stable and light-weight, 100% plastic TELLAP.

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Increase payload reduce transport cost per metric ton.

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Easy to Use

TELLAP is both bulk bag and pallet, raise the bag from the base. Easy as that.

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Plastic, light weight and recyclable; no packaging waste no disposal costs

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